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What is WWWTF?

WhatTheFest is the series of events formerly known as JSFest! With so many events surrounding web technologies it was about time we dropped the “JS”, in favour of a name that was more inclusive to the spectrum of topics being covered.

By "series of events" we mean that only the core of it is being organized by us, namely CSSconf EU and JSConf EU. All other events are added by the community and are being independently organized.

Who can join?

Any events happening in May/June 2019 around web development and technologies are free to register their event. It could be networking, hacking, a conference, or a meetup! This site is merely a way to aggregate all the events, but you will need to follow the respective links on the event to register/find out more.

How can I contribute?

This site is created with love by members of the Berlin web technologies community. You want to contribute your own event? Add it here. We also welcome pull requests and any suggestions for improvements :)