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Add Your Own Event

Everyone can add events to our schedule. Yes, you can, too. Even your company. We will promote your event, just as we promote all the others.

We welcome workshops, social events, charitable activities, hackathons, doc sprints, open office hours or tours, meetups, job fairs, flash mobs… if you think web developers and their friends would enjoy it, pitch it.

How to get your event on the list

There are two ways to get your event on our list.

You can create an issue with the details of your event. Or, if you have experience doing so, you can submit a pull request.

Just remember to provide all important details, including the date and times, location, and a link to your event website. Also remember to include the names of all organizers, cost (if applicable), and the maximum number of registrants in the comments.

We will merge your pull request as soon as possible, or ping you if we have any questions.

Thank you for helping to make WhatTheFest more awesome.